What is so special about that document that comprises just nine digits? A Social Security Card is issued only once and whose ownership is untransferable for any US resident. Your Social Security Number is as essential as your ID or Birth Certificate. These documents need to be kept out of someone else’s reach. we have original ssn for sale here at Affordable prices.

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Brief History of The Social Security Numbers (SSN)

The Social Security number (SSN) was first adopted in 1936 for the sole purpose of tracking the earning history of US workers, this is in turn, used in determining Social Security benefit entitlement and computing benefit levels. Ever since, the use of the SSN has expanded substantially. Today, the SSN may be the most widely used numbering system in the United States. As of December 2008, the Social Security Administration (SSA) had already issued over 450 million Social Security Numbers, and nearly every legal resident of the United States had one. The SSN’s universality has led to its adoption throughout government and the private sector as a primary means of identifying and gathering information about an individual.

The Social Security Number on a Social Security Card is essential in monitoring your income and can help keep track of the overall number of years you have worked in your lifetime. Just like several other documents, it can be reissued if you misplace yours. But all those red-tape procedures an be frustrating, trenching upn your time, effort and money. That is where  Global Travels Doc come into play. On our website, you can buy high quality Social Security Number that is knock-off yet legitimate. Don’t pour your hard earned cash down the drain for a laminated piece of paper! You can have it at a very affordable price with us.

Importance of Having a Social Security Number (SSN)

Social Security number (SSN) is a unique identifier assigned to US citizens and some residents to track their income and determine benefits. In addition to Social Security, the SSN is now also used for a wide range of purposes. These purposes include obtaining credit, opening a bank account, obtaining government benefits or private insurance, and buying a home or a car, among many other pursuits. Also, the procedure of a bank account set-up will become much easier. As financial operatives always require your SSN for that, you’ll only need to hand it over. Applying for the US passport or health coverage, getting a registered driving license, landing a new job, or filling out your tax returns, all those formalities will be a breeze for you with a fake verifiable Social Insurance Number. You don’t want to be put on the back foot when you least expect that, do you? So, you’d better buy a fake SSN card from us to avoid sticky situations!

Requirements for Obtaining a Social Security Number

The Social Security Number and the corresponding Social Security Card can be obtained by filling out Form SS5: Application for a Social Security Card. The form covers obtaining an original card, replacing a card, and changing or correcting your Social Security Card data. The list of requirements include documents that proves age, identity, and U.S. citizenship or immigration status. The information needed in obtaining a Social Security Number include the following;

  • Name to be shown on the card
  • Full name at birth, if different from above
  • Mailing address
  • Citizenship or alien status
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth, among others.

How to Buy Fake Social Security Number Online With Ease

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